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"If I cannot Fly, let me SING!"
~ Stephen Soundheim ~

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Welcome Friends of Singing!
The Opportunity
Click Photo to Enlarge - The Virtual Choir Invitation! In this time of reflection, while group choral music rehearsals and performances are on hold indefinitely becaue of COVID-19 quarantine, an opportunity for individual participation has become available.

If we cannot sing together as a choir, a Virtual Choir Invitation is an excellent idea for singers so inclined.

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Your Invitation
We are gathering singers for our virtual choir and would love you to join us.
This Summer to keep busy, I completed a course for producing a virtual choir.

Many of you know me. Some have been on concert tour with me and/or sung in my choirs.

Our first music will be very easy so you can concentrate on the "How To."
Gradually we can take on more challenging music and grow as a choir, only virtually.

STEP #1 - Watch This Video

By watching the video to the end, it will help you avoid recording issues.
You may also use the Help/FAQ's menu if you have additional questions.

To know about the "How To," play video to the END!

Video by Jeff & Renee Haswell

STEP #2 - Complete Our Virtual Choir Reply Form

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    Your Information To Anyone.

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    Use this form to send your reply  .  .  .


STEP #3 - Download Music, Click Track and Video Record

After you've "Click Here to Send Reply" above, "Thank You" appears and [Click Here].

Click the [Click Here] link; you'll be forwarded to "New Member Credentials" for registering your Username & Password, and then to the music and information you need.

If all goes well and you wish to participate in future virtual choir recordings, more challenging songs with more singers may be included.

Also, for those singers who've participated in Virtual Choirs previously, this will be easy and you can quickly move to more challenging music. The "How-To" song is good way to demonstrate your experience.

This could become something fun and it keeps us singing.

Cheers, Jeffrey Haswell

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